Reading has always been my favorite activity. Since this is my personal website, it is only fair that an activity core to my existence has a page itself. Here I will list 5 to 10 books that I recently read and enjoyed (I will keep updating the page as I will have new favorite books:)). And as I do this list, I realize that I have become a fan of Neil Gaiman! Do you also like his writing? In either case, don’t hesitate to contact me if you have suggestions!

  • Neil Gaiman- Coraline
  • Andrej Sapkowzi- The Witcher
  • David M. Buss- The Dangerous Passion. Why Jealousy is Necessary as Love and Sex.
  • Neil Gaiman- Neverwhere
  • Neil Gaiman- Norse Mythology
  • Neil Gaiman- The Graveyard Book
  • Neil Gaiman- Art Matters